Pumpkin season is back!


CAMDEN, N.Y. (WKTV) - Thousands of pumpkins of all varieties are lined in rows at Will's Cackleberry Castle Pumpkin Farm awaiting to be chosen by customers; Friday was the grand opening for their second season after a 15 year hiatus.

The crowds began entering the farm around 4:00 p.m and were greeted with tons of new things to do. Misty Portner, Co-owner of the farm said, "The first year we didn't have a hayride. This year we have a hay ride, animals, we expanded with our space in our Halloween displays, we grew more pumpkins, we tried to add to the food menu."

They also continued the tradition of the talking, " Mrs. Pumpkin," a gigantic pumpkin that talks back when you ask her questions.

The Portner's begin planting the pumpkin seeds in May and early June and pick the pumpkins sometime after labor day. Portner said her pumpkin's flourished despite the flood of 2013, " We were lucky we live on a rocky hill, we were good on the most part...a little trouble in a small area but for the most part we did really well. We were blessed with that."

This farm is open every weekend from now until Halloween from 4 until 9 pm.

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