Red Cross receives $25,000 dollar check for Disaster Relief Fund


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) -The American Red Cross received a large gift today, a check for twenty-five thousand dollars presented by the Carbone Auto Group.

The car dealership put together a program after the flooding of 2013 with the purpose to raise money for the Red Cross. For each customer who came to take a demonstration ride, Carbone Auto group donated $10.00. They also donated one dollar for service visits.

Al Carbone, Co-Owner of the Carbone Auto Group said they had a lot of enthusiastic customers, " In the time of need when we had all these needs, we're able to finance it but obviously they need money too just like everyone else. I mean we all do and its the generosity of the community that's making it possible to perpetuate this in the event of disaster and not only in this community but throughout the nation. It's necessary we believe in it and thank the people in Utica because you believed in it, you helped us do it."

All the money donated will help the Red Cross fund current and future disaster relief efforts.

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