Remsen School Officials discuss Contingency Plan


REMSEN, N.Y. (WKTV) - School Board Officials, the interim Superintendent, new Superintendent and fifteen Remsen residents met Thursday to discuss Remsen School Districts budget and plan C: The Contingency Plan.

After having their budget defeated twice by voters, the state mandated Remsen Central School District to go with their contingency plan. In this case, causing the district to cut $108,000 dollars from their schools budget.

Carl Klossner, interim Superintendent said the state mandates cuts from three areas: the administrative budget, the instructional budget and the capital budget. He also said the administrative budget will be hit the hardest.

New Superintendent, William Crankshaw said he is prepared to take on the challenge of the changes going on at Remsen.

"Anytime you're cutting, you are impacting somehow, student and student learning. What's most important in my opinion is to stand firm on keeping the programs strong, keeping instruction rigorous and healthy, so students can get best opportunities they can. That takes a lot of creativity, passion, work and thats what I am here for...and together with this community I know we're going to pull together for the benefit of the children."

Many Remsen residents had an issue with teacher salaries. Klossner said that although teacher salaries are contracted and can't be cut, they have made changes for the future. Teacher's will not have a raise for this past year and the next two.

The contingency budget must be finalized by July 1st.

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