Residents prepare for approaching storm


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - With a storm approaching, residents were out stocking up on water, food, and essentials Thursday night. Even though Central New York isn't expected to be hit as hard as other areas from this storm, many people said they like to be prepared.

"Yes I am, I got extra milk and cheese and going to make an artichoke dip and I said, well I better get that ready," said Emily Hughes of Clinton.

"Getting some bagels, some water, some cheese, some meat," said Curtis Henderson of Utica. "We've been looking out for the storm for a while now, we've got a snowblower like everybody else, salt shovel, the normal for a big storm like this."

While snow is something Central New Yorkers are used to, many shoppers still filled hardware stores and supermarkets like Chanatry's Thursday night to make sure they were stocked for an approaching storm. However other residents, didn't seem phased by snow on the way.

"Not really, nothing to prepare for, this is Central New York," said Debbie Devoogel of Stittville.

Joel Sainsbury of New Hartford had similar feelings when asked if he was worried about the storm. "Eh, not really, not much you can do about it, hopefully New York and Boston get hit."

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