Ride For Missing Children steps up security, and message

By WKTV News

SAUQUOIT, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Ride for Missing Children has made stops at schools around Central New York on it's 100-mile trek that departed from State Police Troop D Headquarters Friday morning.

The bicyclists stopped at Bellamy Elementary School.
When the ride is completed, they will have stopped at 15 schools around Oneida County.

Beside the students and staff, we've also seen an enormous law enforcement presence at each school.

Security along the route and at the schools has always been a priority of ride organizers, but this year, they say the events at the Boston Marathon have changed things a bit.

Members of state police, who help organize this event, are joined by members of the Oneida County Sheriff's Department, as well as the Attica and Rome Police departments, and a number of state corrections officers.

Even members of the Department of Environmental Conservation are called in.

Retired State Trooper Jim Simpson said, "We've all had to tighten up, us the Boilermaker, any event that has a lot of people, any mass gathering. You have to be careful cross your T's and dot your I's. We're doing that. We don't anticipate any trouble, but we are prepared just in case.

What drives the riders to train so hard and raise so much money?

The key focus, is to get the message across to kids to be safe. It's a message the principal of Bellamy Elementary School in Rome says is driven across, not just today, but throughout the school year.

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