Saranac Hop Fest brews farm fresh fun


BRIDGEWATER, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Matt Brewing company and Wrobel Farms teamed up for the third year for "Saranac Hop Fest," Sunday.

The Hop Fest brings friends and employees of Saranac to Wrobel Farms to pick fresh hops for the upcoming brew, while getting the chance to sample beer in the process.

The event is unique due to the fact that New York State is not considered a hotbed for growing the crop, making the home-grown hops extra special.

The hand-picked hops, usually picked by machine, are then headed back to the F.X. Matt Brewery to be used in local craft favorites.

These particular hops will be used in the Farm Fresh IPA, that is slated to be released by mid-September.

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