Second kitten found bound with tape in Whitestown


WHITESTOWN, N.Y. (WKTV) -- A second case of animal cruelty in Whitestown is now surfacing months after it occurred. A group of kids were at the skate park on Gibson Road in July when they heard crying. They followed the sound to a swampy area where they found a kitten in a plastic bag.

"Someone really tried to torture this cat," said Edward Schulze, whose stepson found the kitten and brought it home.

"This cat was a mess. I mean, it had ripped hair on its front paws from the paws being tied with tape and the front left paw- he couldn't even move it, it was like it was broke," he said.

The kitten, about 10 weeks old, was muddy, mangled and one of its back paws was severely hurt.

"Really bad. It looked like it had been burned or cut or something," said Schulze.

They filed a report with Whitestown Police, then brought the kitten to Spring Farm CARES.

"We were horrified of course that anyone would do this," said Bonnie Reynolds, director for Spring Farm CARES. 

"We took it to Village Vet and it was treated there and then for the next month we treated the shoulder, thank goodness, it worked out. They thought at first, perhaps, we might have to amputate, but the nerve damage was not as bad as they thought," she said.

After several weeks of recovery, the Schulze's adopted the kitten.

"It's like having another family member," said Schulze.

They named him Chance because he got a second chance at life, but now they want to make sure this doesn't happen to any more cats.

"Whoever did this to Chance is doing this to other cats. There needs to be some kind of consequences and whoever did this to Chance, there's got to be something wrong upstairs," said Schulze.

About two weeks after this incident, on July 19, a 19-year-old was arrested in the same park. An officer had found him in the women's bathroom around 9 p.m. with two kittens. One was bound with tape, and there was a lighter on the floor.

"We need to help these people who are starting out by hurting little animals to keep them from going on to do further harm in society," said Reynolds.

This case is still open and if you have any information, you can contact Whitestown Police at (315) 736-1100.

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