Senate to vote on Internet Sales Tax bill tops News You Can Use

By WKTV News

CONSUMER (WKTV) - Online shoppers may soon have one of their biggest incentives taken away: sales tax.

The Senate is poised to vote on the Internet Sales Tax bill Monday afternoon.

If passed, the bill moves along to the House of Representatives where it faces tough anti-tax forces.

The biggest political push is coming from brick and mortar stores in most states that must collect sales tax.

But, the move is getting mixed reviews from online retailers.

Retail giant Amazon supports the tax and stands ready to collect it.

But E-Bay, which lives only on the web, is fighting hard to stop it.

Meanwhile, cash-strapped states are anxious to reap the benefits of collecting the tax.

If passed, there are only five states shoppers can go to in order to not pay sales tax on their purchases.

Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, Montana and Oregon do not collect sales tax.

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