Severe weather tears through Sylvan Beach


SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Every home, business and traffic light in Sylvan beach was blacked out Tuesday night after a severe thunderstorm tore through the area knocking down trees and power lines.

On Main Street the wind blew so hard it knocked down a massive tree branch, crushing the roof and two chimneys on a home and in the process tearing down wires and cracking a utility pole in two.

"It sounded like the world opened up and split in half. It was amazing. Thunder was going on and the thunder was loud, but this tree came down it was like ten thunders all at once. We looked out the window for fear something terrible had happened and it had," said Jim Brooks who lives across the street.

When the owners got home, they were shocked at the extent of the damage.

"Worse than we expected because we have two chimneys knocked over, a couple holes in the roof," said Tim McCormack.

Just down the street a large tree took out a chunk of a roof and smashed a car. The fast-moving storm toppling it in a matter of seconds.

"It hit like a ton of bricks. I looked out I couldn't see anything but a white sheet, I heard a loud, loud noise and my tree was down," said Bruce Wetger.

Meanwhile every traffic light is blacked out and every storefront is locked up after the village-wide power outage forced them to close early.

At the end of the storm, many are left asking the same question.

"Whatever happened to normal storms? Everything's severe weather now," said McCormack.

National Grid is telling residents some of the power should be back on shortly after midnight.

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