State funds freed to expedite construction of Marcy bridge


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced Friday that $3.36 million was freed from the state budget to speed up the process of replacing the Route 291 bridge over Nine Mile Creek in Marcy.

"The D.O.T. did have it in their capital project to do in 2015 and 2016 as funding became available, but because this is a priority and infrastructure is very important and replacement of roads and bridges is very important to me, I wanted to make sure I went forward to try to get the funding for this bridge to be replaced as soon as we can," said Anthony Brindisi, Assembly District 119.

The bridge was reduced to one lane a year ago because it was deemed structurally unsound.

"It really comes down to a safety issue. Our families, our loved ones are driving the streets and going over these bridges and we want to make sure that they're in good condition so we don't have accidents or bridges go out on us," said Brindisi.

The bridge was built in 1959 and has deteriorated over the years. Rrecent flooding has made it worse. And while the bridge is a safety hazard itself, the one-lane set-up is also a concern for residents.

"They put up the single lights which actually stopped the traffic right in front of my driveway every day," said Patrick Cassidy, who lives next to the bridge.

"People don't really slow down for the lights at all. Some people go right through the red lights. They don't even wait for the light to change," said Linda Fear, who lives across the street from Cassidy.

Neighbors are also concerned for the safety of a new Amish community

"There's buggies that go across and their buggies aren't heavy enough to set off the pressure switch so they run through the light or they have to get off and push a manual button so I'd hate to see an accident with a buggy as well because of the congestion on this bridge," said Cassidy.

So, residents are relieved to hear construction will now start in 2014.

"I think it will just improve the flow of traffic and have less stress for the people in the community and the people that commute through here every day," said Cassidy.

The construction will likely be done during the summer months next year so school buses won't be affected.

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