Students in Camden get to "shop with a cop" at Sangertown Square


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Several Camden Police Officers, Oneida County Sheriff's Deputies and State Troopers got to play Santa Claus on Thursday.

Forty Camden school children followed the officers around Sangertown Square in New Hartford, and with good reason; the officers each held an envelope with $100 for the kids to spend. It's the eight year for the Camden Central School District's "shop with a cop" program.

Those in charge try to pick kids who demonstrate a material need, but also, those who would benefit from positive interaction with a police officer. Those in charge of the program say the need is so great, it's hard to pick just 40 kids.

"The need is amazing and its difficult to choose only 40 students out of an entire school district. That's the toughest part each year ...for some of them its their first time coming to the mall," says organizer Tracy Hooker.

The 'shop with a cop' program is made possible through donations from the community. Most of the children we caught up with were actually looking at clothing, including warm weather items.

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