Students look to form Utica's first Youth Common Council


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A group of Utica high school students is currently trying to put an ordinance in place to establish a Youth Common Council. Just like councilors the ten young adults would represent the city's six wards while also bringing in their own ideas.

The new initiative would elect six council members to represent the different wards of Utica, three council members at large and also a clerk and council chair. The interested students hope it will connect Utica's youth with local representatives.

"It's very important for the youth to build a rapport with early legislative institutions early on in lives, so that pretty soon when we're grownups and adults, maybe we can take the job over," said Trinh Truong, a sophomore at Proctor High School and perspective councilor at large.

The students are now working with Councilor Jerome McKinsey Sr. to establish an ordinance that will bring the youth common council to Utica, modelling the idea off of a large youth council in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"The youth are there, but our opinions aren't voiced," said Truong. "It's not that we don't really care about political matters and such, it's that we don't have a way to really get involved, and hopefully this will fix that disparity."

The Utica Youth Common Council Initiative's next meeting will be Monday, May 13th at 6 pm. in the St. Francis De Sales Center on Elm Street in Utica, it is open to the public and all community youth.

Youth, parents and community members interested in getting involved can email for additional information.

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