SYLVAN BEACH, N.Y. (WKTV) - Many residents in Sylvan Beach were cleaning up their homes Friday and assessing the damage from Thursday's flooding. While the water may have left many Sylvan Beach neighborhoods, a number of residents spent the day pumping out their garages and basements filled with water. The homes along Fish Creek were hit the hardest, filled with over a foot of water, almost 30 residents had to be rescued. A day later, many residents were thankful the ice jam broke when it did. "It was definitely going to be a can't stay here kinda deal if it kept coming up," said John Varacalli of Waterview Drive. "Within an hour it went from raising a dock to all in the driveway." While Varacalli only had slight water damage to his garage, he watched his neighbors shed float right by. He says while the floods are nothing like he's ever seen, it's something these residents are prepared for. "People who live here are used to it, if you get waterfront property you kind of have to expect it," said Varacalli.