The Village of Richfield Springs under threat of dissolution


RICHFIELD SPRINGS, N.Y. (WKTV) - The historic Village of Richfield Springs in Otsego County could soon be history, and the village's fate lies in the registered voters hands.

A village petition by a former County Legislator and current resident, Alex Shields is what started this ordeal. He rallied 100 people to back his belief, that if you consolidate the village and town, expenses will be reduced.

The Mayor of the village, Ron Frohne said the 152 year old village should be kept as is, " We have a water, sewer, library, we have a fire department cemetery and do all things the town does not do. There is no savings and if you take DPDW, we have smaller equipment, we plow and take care of our streets and pick up leaves and all those things and the town doesn't do."

Frohne also believes that the money Shields claims will be saved by consolidating is inaccurate, " They claim over $200,000 dollars would be saved. That's not true. If I get rid of all the people...I came up with around $80,000 dollars."

He believes consolidation means a loss of local government and identity.

The vote is on Tuesday October, 15th. The majority rules, meaning if the number of registered voters say "yes," to dissolving the village then within 180 days the village is mandated to hand over all of their assets.

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