The school board votes: West Canada Valley seniors allowed to walk in graduation


WEST CANADA VALLEY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Three West Canada Valley seniors are given the OK to walk in graduation, after it was taken away from them because of their behavior on the senior class trip to Point Pleasant, in New Jersey.

A board meeting was held on Wednesday night at the high school, where family members spoke in an executive session to the board, which ultimately lead to their decision. 

Michael Sternberg, Zach Woods and Justin Victor, all of West Canada Valley, had their graduation festivities taken away as a punishment by the school district for being disruptive and too loud. 
According to Tina Sternberg, Michael's mother, they were just boys being boys.
"At no time am I saying my son wasn't loud, he was, but I don't think that warrants him not walking the stage," Sternberg said.
The schools superintendent had previously said the reason for the original disciplinary decision was because the students' parents had signed off on a permission slip before the trip, stating the students would follow the rules or face the consequences. 
Now as their punishment, the boys must complete six hours of community service at the high school.


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