UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Utica City School District is getting $210,000 more from the state to save a number of teaching jobs. Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi made the announcement Wednesday from Albany. The Utica School Superintendent says the money was desperately needed. Brindisi said he fought for the additional aid because the students need teachers and Utica taxpayers can't afford to make up the difference. "It's coming at a crucial time," Assemblyman Brindisi said. "At a time where we are seeing class sizes increase and more mandates being put on the school district by the state. This money will go toward putting teachers back into the classroom so we can get class size under control and give our kids a top-quality education." In the upcoming budget, 88 positions were on the chopping block, 54 of those positions being teachers. With this money, Utica School Superintendent Bruce Karam says that three teachers who have been cut can now return to work in the Fall.