Trout Power Weekend looks to promote well-being of creek


TRENTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - What do you imagine when you think of clean water?

Trout Power, a year-round initiative to ensure West Canada Creek's long-term viability, believes most people think of how clear the water is. They hope to change your way of thinking to instead think about the wild trout who are the creek's inhabitants.

Annual Trout Power Weekend begins on June 7th and runs through the 9th. The weekend is filled with activities like fishing, a 5k run and a 28 mile garage sale in order to promote the well being of the creek as well as to prove to local businesses how they can prosper off of this body of water.

Jordan Ross, co-founder of Trout Power believes many of the weekends events, especially the garage sale will have a positive affect on area businesses.

Ross said, " If we create a traffic jam on Route 28 because there are so many people here then certainly the businesses are going to prosper from people visiting and that's the point. Get people to come, have businesses flourish and that part of the concept of trout power to protect to promote and to bring in prosperity."

The weekend will also include some education and science. Teams will be traveling across country to fish in a tournament and do a creel study. The study will include a data collection process where the challenge is to catch the smallest fish since there is no documentation that these wild fish are reproducing.

Angela Moonan, co-founder of Trout Power hopes the creek becomes a trout fishery known around the world.

Moonan said, "When you look at Yellow Stone, Delaware and the Colorado River, the prosperity that results in those businesses and communities around those rivers is amazing and they have wild the idea behind trout power is powering up entire region but it begins with the trout in the river."

This celebration weekend promotes how many towns from Oneida County to Herkimer County can prosper from people enjoying this 28 mile creek.

Kayaking, bird watching, hiking are just a few other things to do besides fish around this body of water. That is the reason why the Trout Power movement is not just a weekend event, but awareness is spread throughout the year.

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