Truck smashes into Remsen apartment, trapping residents


VILLAGE OF REMSEN, N.Y. (WKTV) -- An out-of-control vehicle smashed into an apartment building in the Village of Remsen, trapping residents on the second floor overnight Tuesday.

Speeding down Main Street, 39-year-old Fredrick Mulligan tried to turn onto Prospect Street when he lost control of his truck, hitting a car and nearly striking a man shoveling.

He then hit the accelerator again, crashing into the Main Street apartment, damaging the staircase and pillars, trapping the residents on the second floor.

Out of control, the truck continued across the road, barely missing another house. Mulligan finally came to a stop where police found him huffing an aerosol can of Duster and appeared to be harming himself.

"They went to get the guy out and all the sudden he must've been being aggressive so then both the cops dropped everything pulled out tasers and had their tasers pointed at him and they were like, 'Get out! Get out!' and I was like 'Oh my God!' So of course we wanted to see if he was going to get tasered or not and he didn't. He came out peacefully," said a second-floor resident, Lilith Bergstrom.

The driver's neighbor, John Cushman, who is also working on fixing the damaged building, said Mulligan has crashed multiple cars over the past year.

"He's lucky that the kids were off the streets and everything cause he could've killed somebody. That was 3:30, the kids were already home and everything. That was worse than drinking and driving," said Cushman.

Mulligan was cited for speed unreasonable for road conditions, reckless driving, failing to keep right and driving with a suspended license.

They're trying to repair the porch as soon as possible so residents have access to the front door once again. The crash is under investigation and further charges may be pending.

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