Unknown girl leaves letter asking Santa for a home


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Letters frequently flood the desk of the case manager at the Rome Rescue Mission, but none are quite like the one she found slipped under her door.

"I opened it up and I did, I started crying you know because I don't know who she is and she's that unhappy," said Lisa Patierno, case manager.

On a lined piece of paper, a Christmas wish scrawled in a young child's handwriting that read:

"Santa? Can you please help mommy find a new home so that me and my sisters don't have to be away from each other no more? They can have the toys for my sisters, that's all I want for Christmas and I promise I will keep being good."

It was signed with the name Mariah.

"We have lots of Mariahs. We've asked around, we've asked a lot of people and we just don't know who the little girl is," said Matt Miller, director of the Rome Rescue Mission.

So, the Rome Rescue Mission is trying to find who wrote this letter so they can make their Christmas wish come true.

"Just seeing if we can help her would be the best thing for us," said Patierno.

"Christmas may be over tomorrow. That doesn't mean that we're going to stop. We're going to continue to look for her and perhaps it will be a New Year's miracle," said Miller.

The rescue mission is reaching out to the community for answers, or hoping that the family will come forward.

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