Utica Police investigate a deadly shooting on Whitesboro Street

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Police are investigating a deadly shooting that took place on Whitesboro Street Wednesday evening.

Officials say the name of the victim is John Spratt, a Whitesboro Street resident. His age is not being released.

Immediately following the shooting, a large crowd of roughly 100 people gathered. Some people threw glass bottles and threaten to retaliate for the shooting. Utica Police Sgt. Steve Hauck said it became quite a chaotic scene for officers to control.

"We're trying to focus on the incident," he said. "Now you've got to watch your back from being hurt yourself. It's tough we've got as many officers as here as we can get plus the other agencies, so hopefully we can calm the situation down."

Hauck said several local police agencies reported to the scene to assist with the investigation, including Whitesboro, New York Mills, Yorkville and the New York State Police.

He added that although they are interviewing witnesses it's still too early for police to reveal additional details.

"We're still trying to talk to neighbors and talk to family," he said, "The victim lived very close to the scene obviously a lot of family members are here we are trying to decipher who is family, who is a witness and who just happened to be rubber-necking at the scene so that take a little bit of time."

Hauk said the investigation is still ongoing and as police continue to conduct interviews and review evidence more information will be released.

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