Valentine's day increases business for local restaurants


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Valentine's day brought out local lovebirds ready to wine, dine and help the local economy. Friday night, two local business owners explained how holidays help increase their business by nearly doubling profits.

Michael T's, located in New Hartford, and Daniele at Valley View, in Utica, saw over 100 more people then a normal Friday evening.

Jeff Daniels, General Manager of Daniele at Valley View said, " I'd say we have a little over 200 reservations this evening."

It's not only the evening of Valentine's Day that these restaurants see an increase in business; Michael T's and Daniele at Valley View see more customers all week.

"It's an affect. Everyone wants to go out for Valentine's day but doesn't want to go on that day," said Michael Trunfio, Owner of Michael T's. "So they'll go before or after, depending on the weather, which hasn't been too cooperative. People change their days they go out for Valentine's day."

Although Daniels and Trunfio said it is a hassle to have a holiday fall on a weekend, both said holidays help business.

Trunfio said, " We wish it wouldn't fall on a weekend so we can get another day of being really busy."

Local restaurant goers were happy to support these local businesses.

Ruth Schulz of New Hartford and her husband of almost 60 years enjoyed each others company along with drinks at Michael T's, " We're glad for every day we can celebrate together, even the smallest things."

While David Thalia Hunter said his wife of almost seven years is his reason for enjoying the holiday, " We're madly in love. We love Valentine's day."

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