Valley shooting victim speaks out for the first time


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Tragic events are not easy for anyone to get through, but Daniel Haslauer, one of the Valley shooting spree victims said that he owes his life to his family, friends, doctors and the Masonic Care Rehab Facility.

In his first time speaking out, after four months of intense surgeries and rehabilitation, Haslauer's baby steps to get better, his attitude and fight for his life have helped him get through this entire ordeal.

Haslauer said you don't realize what you have until its gone, and he saw his life pass through his eyes on March 13th. He says the Masonic Care Community have helped him back on his feet " When I got here I couldn't even walk, I couldn't hang onto a knife and fork and in a matter of how ever many weeks I was here I am back walking...its just marvelous thing to have a community like this."

They have also helped him reach the one goal he had when entering the rehab facility. According to Warren Mundrick, the Director of Rehab at Masonic Care, "He had set a goal for himself, he wanted to dance at his grand daughters wedding."

Dancing he will do with his granddaughter at her August 23rd wedding.

The communities outpouring of support from donations to events and letters from across the country not only helped him, but also his family. Haslauer's granddaughter, Kelly Diskin said, " Its weird when it hits so close to hear these things happen but when its your own was hard to handle."

Haslauers road has not ended, he still has three major surgeries in his future. He tries to keep his spirit high by remembering life is about the simple things.

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