UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Toys, stuffed animals and balloons are now scattered on the front porch of 748 Jay Street. That's where nine month old Levon Wameling was last seen nearly three weeks ago. On Monday night, it was the site of a candlelight vigil. More than 100 people gathered to honor friends and family members of the missing baby. At 6:10 pm, Levon's mother, Amy Warney, called for a moment of silence followed by a prayer. "I'm blessed to have everyone to come as a community to try and bring my son back home," said Warney. "Maybe somebody might've seen him," said Lizette Santos, Levon's Godmother. "Maybe someone knows or heard something and we just want to bring Levon home, and we miss him and hope that maybe today we will doing this candle lighting and we will get answers today." "He was a happy baby, never cried, I can't do this," said Warney. "Always had a smile on his face." Warney is overcome with emotion and Levon's Godmother finishes Amy's thought. "He liked to jump, he like to play he was a happy baby," said Santos. "Even when he was sick he was smiling all the time never lonely never sad and all we want is just answers and just to know that he is ok." Amy says Levon's father, Jevon Wameling, knows more than he is letting on but he is sticking to his story. "He doesn't show no emotions," said Warney. "He walks around the neighborhood like everything is ok, like he doesn't have a child or that a child is missing. I know if it happened when I was there I would have been knocking the doors down the minute I found my baby out of a car seat and he just doesn't seem like he cares." Warney says she would like to see Jevon and his parents take a lie detector test to prove they know nothing about Levon's disappearance. For now Warney wants to make sure everyone knows Levon's face and is on the lookout to bring her son home. "If he's out there someone has to hand him over I hope. I have faith that we'll find him."