Voters hit the polls for regional village and town elections

(WKTV) - Residents from around the region cast their ballots for village and town elections today.

The results for some of those races include the following:

Sylvan Beach's Mayoral Race: Gregory Horan won with 242 votes. He ran against former assemblyman David Townsend who received 114 votes.

Sylvan Beach's Trustees (two seats): William Shaughnessy and Mark Daily both won a seat.

Clinton's Mayoral Race: Incumbent Jack Lane won with 163 votes against James Kelsey with 11 votes.

Clinton's Trustees (two seats): John Crossley and John Behrens.

Camden's Mayoral Race: Incumbent Michael Wolzmuth won with 124 votes. He ran unopposed.

Camden's Trustees (two seats): Steven Barker and Jeff Oatman.

Waterville's Mayoral Race: Incumbent Ruben Ostrander won with 68 votes. He ran unopposed.

Waterville's Trustees (two seats): Thomas McNamara and Brice Treen.

Munnsville's Mayoral Race: Fred Klehn won with 30 votes. He ran against incumbent Richard Snider, who had 27 votes.

Munnsville Trustees (two seats): Sandy Wagner and Rebecca Relyea.

Newport's Mayoral Race: Ashley Hennings ran unopposed and received 131 votes.

Newport Trustee (one seat): Heidi Worden won with 68 votes. She ran against Steven Woods who received 51 votes.

West Winfield Mayoral Race: Incumbent mayor Andrew Bryce won with 59 votes. He ran against Gary Knisely who received 49 votes.

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