With new semesters approaching, college get proactive about the flu


MARCY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Colleges are preparing for students to return to campus next week for the spring semester and SUNYIT is taking a proactive approach to prevent the spread of the flu on campus.

The director of health, wellness and counseling at SUNYIT says the college is working with it's staff to do as much flu prevention work as possible. Those preventative measures include keeping areas clean and administering the flu shot.

College students live in such tight places, germs can spread very quickly. Officials are asking students to wipe down things in the common area of their dorms - things like door handles, sink faucets, buttons on the microwave and the elevator.

Also make sure your personal belongings are kept clean - wipe down cell phones and steering wheels.

College officials say to their students and staff members- if you have flu symptoms- stay home.

"The best thing to do is to let us us know here at Health and Wellness because we will set up a process," says Director of the Health and Wellness Center Jo Ruffrage. "If they are an on-campus student, we will work with on campus residential life staff as well as the dietary staff to make sure they have what they need, as well as trying to contain it as much as they can."

SUNYIT hosted flu clinics in the fall, and still have some of the vaccines left. The college is offering free flu shots to their students. The shots are being administered out of the Health and Wellness Center inside the Oriskany Residence Hall.

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