Would You Eat Like A Caveman?


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Steak, chicken, avocado, sweet potatoes, olive oil and nuts are six items you will find on the grocery list of an individual on a Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is a health craze that eliminates sugars, carbs, bad fats, legumes, dairy and alcohol and allows you to eat as much of the other foods as you want, within reason.

The Paleo diet is otherwise referred to as the caveman diet since its based off of what cavemen ate during the paleolithic era. Cavemen did not have the ability to eat microwave meals or bake a cake so it's taking your diet back to the basics.

John Bartholomeo, Owner and Head Trainer at Mohawk Valley Crossfit says the Paleo diet and crossfit are essentially one in the same and believes his clients perform better when eating paleo.

Bartholomeo said, "I tell people all the time if you have a race car do you put sub-optimal fuel into it? No. You put the top fuel you can purchase in it...same thing here. If you want to come in and perform well here, you want to put the best fuel into your body."

Kim Thompson, a local Nutritionist says she recommends the Paleo diet for the short term to her clients but believes the Mediterranean diet is more of a long term life style. She feels the Paleo diet does have many health benefits.

Thompson said, "I do see a lot of improvements with gastrointestinal tracks so people are feeling better, less bloating, less irritation in the GI track and improved sleep. I think those are the big ones I see."

Both thompson and Bartholomeo believe a con among their clients is that the diet seems a bit restrictive. Their reply is that people need to focus on what they can have rather then what they cannot.

The diet is beneficial for those with injuries since the large amount of protein intake will help speed up the recovery process.

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