YWCA to host events to raise awareness for domestic violence

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - October is domestic violence awareness month.
Tuesday morning the YWCA Mohawk Valley held a conference to kickoff an entire month of events.

A series of cutouts portray the stories of people who have been killed because of domestic violence.

A statistic you might not know is that domestic violence is the number one cause of injury to women in the United States.

Experts say unfortunately, it's extremely common in our area.

They say it's important for people to understand and realize exactly what domestic violence is.

Executive Director of the YWCA Natalie Brown, said, " People think domestic violence they think physical violence but it's all the steps that lead up to that."

It can even include excessive texting that's not wanted.

The YWCA will be selling purple ribbons to raise awareness of domestic violence.

They're also holding several events including one on October 10th in Utica, and another in Rome on October 22nd,where victims will share their stories.

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