Yorkville officer calls animal neglect case worst he's seen


YORKVILLE, N.Y. (WKTV) -- Two Yorkville residents are locked up at the Oneida County jail after police officers found seven Siberian Huskies in their home, some on the verge of death.

Yorkville Police Officer Mark Chrysler calls it the worst case of animal neglect he's ever seen; three adult huskies and four puppies locked in crates on a cold porch with no food or water.

"Their fur was covered with dried feces and dried urine. You could visibly see they needed attention. Their eyes were, a lot of puss was coming out of their eyes from infection," said Officer Chrysler.

Julia Westcott, 53, is facing multiple charges of animal neglect and failing to vaccinate and license them. David Ingersoll, 54, is also charged with four counts of neglect.

"I held one in my arms almost the whole day. He was screaming in pain. His paws- all of their paws and bellies were burned from being in their own urine. One of the puppy's eyes from an infection was sort of hanging out and he's got no sight in that eye now," said Linda Fatata, development director at Stevens-Swan Humane Society, where the dogs are receiving medical treatment.

Police aren't releasing pictures from when the dogs were first rescued because they're being used as evidence in the case, but the employees at the humane society described their conditions as deplorable.

"It's very taxing on all of us. It takes its toll and we want to see the best for these animals. We want to see them survive and we don't want to see it keep happening," said Fatata.

Neither does Officer Chrysler. He's seen an increase in cases and says there should be stricter laws.

"When it comes to animal abuse, I think those people need to be held more accountable," said Officer Chrysler.

Employees at the humane society couldn't agree more.

"Certain types of abuse should be felonies that carry jail time and perhaps that might wake up some of the people that are taking animals and not caring for them and that is something that we can ask our state legislators for because it has to come from them," said Fatata.

Westcott is being held on $5,000 cash bail. Ingersoll is being held on $4,000. Neither have posted bail and they're scheduled to appear in Yorkville court on Monday.

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