Mohawk Valley communities trying to heal after tragic events

MOHAWK, N.Y. (WKTV) - Residents in the Village of Mohawk are trying to figure out where to begin as they try to move on from a tragic shooting that struck the small community.

One day later, the 20-hour-standoff is over, but the aftershocks continue with a high police presence in the village 24 hours after it all began.

Suspect Kurt Myers, allegedly set his own apartment on fire Wednesday around 9:00 a.m.

Shortly after that, four people were shot at John's Barber Shop.

24-hours later, blankets still cover the windows there. The police tape marks the scene, as evidence that it all actually happened, yet many resident in the community remain in disbelief.

Steve Smith owns a business in Mohawk. "This has been such a quiet block here in Mohawk," he said. "The people here in the village are so wonderful, its been a pleasure to work here for 20 years, and to have something happen like this its just mind boggling."

Walking down the streets of the community tells the story. From flowers left on a car windshield, to the mini barber pole still lit.

The community will need time to heal.

The silver lining to an event that is so many shades of tragic, the community in the Village of Mohawk, is one that always comes together.

That's something most residents there would agree on.

"It's such a small tight knit community," said Resident Josh Moynihan. "Everybody's here for everybody and no matter what happens we are always going to be there for each other even if we don't know each other well, we will always be there for each other."

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