Frankfort-Schulyer students celebrate Veteran's Day early with local heroes


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Frankfort-Schuyler Elementary School hosted its annual Veteran's assembly, Thursday.

Students ranging from Kindergarten all the way through 5th grade participated in the event that contained visits from former service members, the singing of patriotic songs, and skits performed by the students.

The assembly is held as a way to teach the younger generation about the sacrifices that have been and are continued to be made for this country's freedom.

It also gives the chance for students to show their patriotic spirit, and honor those who fought for that freedom.

"The students are able to see these heroes as they are, true American heroes," said Frankfort-Schuyler 5th grade teacher, Rob Oberlies. "The students are able to sing songs, to make their art work, letters and thank you notes, it's great they have that opportunity."

In addition to all of the other festivities, the 5th grade students were also able to have lunch with the visiting Vets, while other students sat in their classroom listening to first-hand accounts of how the war heroes defended our freedom.

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