Veterans who are with sheriff's office honored for service

By WKTV News

(WKTV) - More than 60 veterans who are members of the Oneida County Sheriff's Office were honored for their service Monday.

The ceremony took place at the Public Safety Complex in Oriskany. Each of the veterans were personally recognized.

Sheriff Rob Maciol says it's important that we say thank you to veterans, not just today but every day.

"The one thing we want to really instill into people is, not only on Veterans day, but each and every day, what we can be doing to say thank you to the people who have made the sacrifice, "Maciol said.

Maciol said he hopes this ceremony and others like it will impact future generations. The Veterans Day ceremony is a tradition the department plans to continue yearly.

Those honored are:

Robert Annarino
Mark Babilon
Judith Beer

Clayton Bramhall
Arthur Broccoli
Lee Bronszewski
Bradlee Chapman
Angelo Cangello
Robert Carollo
John Curly
Jeffrey Cuda
Dale Czeck
Joseph Davies
Adis Delanovic
Tyler Duell
Michael Durant
Mark Franco
Thomas Grinnell
Charles Haynes
Randall Hill
Christopher Hoffman
Mark Horstman
Timothy Klock
Anthony Lamandia
Neil Larrivey
Mark Leaf
Fred Lomanto
Norman Lyke
Stephen Manley
James Magee
Joel McClear
Frederick Murray
Matthew Nagurney
John Nagurney
Adam Nelson
Robert Nelson
Sean O'Brien
Shaun Olson
Leon Parks
Richard Paul Sr.
Carey Phair
Rickey Prosser
Joseph Pruckno
Lisa Peirsall
Mark Rastani
Michael Reed
Kimmen Richmond
Stanley Rozyla
Robert Russell
Ronald Sanganetti
Nicholas Sheldon
Jason Silipo
Robert Snider
Marc Stephens
Robert Stanton
Richard Thomas
Michael Webb
William Wittman
Clifford Wiley

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