Documents: Whittemore stated he "just snapped," was sober when he killed girlfriend

MONROE COUNTY, N.Y. (WKTV) - Documents from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office state that Clayton Whittemore was sober and aware that he had beaten his girlfriend, Alexandra Kogut to death in her SUNY Brockport Dorm Room, claiming he "just snapped."

Clayton Whittemore was officially indicted Tuesday on second-degree murder and on Wednesday, Whittemore was formally arraigned on that charge.

The Monroe County District Attorney says Whittemore beat Alexandra Kogut, also from New Hartford, to death. She was found in her dorm room on September 29.

According to documents from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Whittemore made statements on September 29 to a guard while on suicide watch, where he admitted to killing Kogut.

Editor's Note: The following text, obtained from Monroe County officials, is graphic in nature.

"While watching Inmate Whittemore on constant observation, Inmate Whittemore asked if I would talk to him so he could clear his mind," a statement from the prison guard reads. "I asked Inmate Whittemore what it was he wanted to talk about and he stated 'I killed my girlfriend.'"

The guard states that Whittemore told him he had been attending college in Utica and drove to SUNY Brockport to visit his girlfriend of two years, Alexandra.

"He stated they went to a friend's house where they had a drink," the guard states. "He told me that his girlfriend was being rude to him the entire time they were at this house. On the way back to the dorm room, he stated that he received an open container ticket, and that it 'made me mad.'"

The statement goes on to say that once Kogut and Whittemore returned to the dorm room, they began to argue about "stupid stuff."

The guard states that Whittemore said "she started pushing me and yelling at me, so I pushed her back against the wall to get her to stop. She wouldn't stop pushing me, so I started punching her and just snapped. I kept hitting her over and over with my fists."

According to the statement, Whittemore told the guard that he was trying to kill her.

"Her breathing sounded bad, like there was blood or something blocking her breathing," Whittemore told the guard, according to the statement. "I didn't want the girl I loved to suffer, so I started beating her with the curling iron until the noise stopped."

The guard said Whittemore told him that he knew she was dead when he left the dorm room.

"I wasn't even drunk," the guard says Whittemore stated. "I just snapped."

Whittemore will be back in court for his arraignment on October 25.

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