At least 61 people killed as trains collide in east India

By By the Associated Press

CALCUTTA, India (AP) - Officials in India say they can't rule out sabotage in a train crash that's killed at least 61 people.

A speeding express train plowed into a stationary passenger
train in the eastern part of the country today, in a crash that was
so powerful it sent the roof of one car flying onto an overpass.

Residents crawled over the twisted wreckage trying to free survivors before rescue workers arrived with heavy equipment to cut through the metal.

One survivor says he had been sleeping when he felt "a huge jolt and heard loud noise and then the train stopped."

In addition to the dozens killed, some 125 people were injured. And the top police official in West Bengal says the death toll could rise.

The collision comes two months after Maoist rebels were blamed for a derailment that killed 145 people.

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