Bosnia: Angry protesters want new government of experts

By The Associated Press

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) - Thousands are protesting in Bosnia for a sixth day, demanding that politicians resign and a new government of nonpartisan experts be put in to address the country's nearly 40 percent unemployment and rampant corruption.

Protesters say "overpaid" politicians are detached from the peoples' reality and obsessed with inter-ethnic bickering decades after a 1991-95 war that killed 100,000. The crowd gathers daily in front of the presidency in Sarajevo - which they set ablaze on Friday - and other government buildings in other cities. On one they wrote:  "He who sows hunger, reaps anger."

A banner held Monday by two elderly people claimed that one politician's monthly salary equals four years of the average pension payment.  Every fifth Bosnian now lives below the poverty line.

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