Japanese Officials: Radiation seeping into seawater and soil

By WKTV News

TOKYO (AP) - Officials in Japan warn today that radiation
seeping from a crippled nuclear power complex is spreading to
seawater and soil.

Workers at the damaged plant are racing to pump out contaminated
water suspected of sending radioactivity levels soaring.

A tsunami that followed the March 11 earthquake knocked out
power to the system that cools the dangerously hot nuclear fuel

Workers today resumed the laborious yet urgent task of pumping
out the hundreds of tons of radioactive water inside several
buildings at the six-unit plant. The water must be removed and
safely stored before work can continue to re-power the plant's
regular cooling system.

One expert says it could take weeks to clear out the radioactive

New readings show contamination in the ocean has spread about a
mile farther north of the nuclear site than before.

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