Students from Korea: South not too worried


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - Despite the threats of nuclear war from North Korea, the mood in the South Korean capital is far from tense.

It's like a party atmosphere in Seoul, North Korea, with crowded streets and open shops as the country celebrates the birth of its founder.

North Korea was expected to launch a missile Monday, but that has not happened as of this writing.

Two Hamilton College students from South Korea say they've grown up hearing about the conflicts between the north and the south, both from family members and in school.

Donggi Lee and Sung Hwan Hong say that many South Koreans are immune to the threats, because they've been hearing them for so long.

"They are not as concerned as other people in other countries," said Donggi Lee. "In the United States, all my friends are like, 'don't go back to Korea, cuz' there is going to be a war.' In South Korea, they are not as worried."

"After a while, there are some threats, like the past few days from that, we slowly realized how the things going to really intense," said Sung Hwan Hong.

Both say it would be ideal for the countries to be on friendly terms, but realize that is unlikely to happen in the near future.

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