Humane Society looking for info on dog shot in Litchfield


LITCHFIELD, N.Y. (WKTV) - A redbone coonhound named Duke is now in the care of foster parents after being shot in the face over a week ago in Herkimer County.

Police first thought the dog's injuries were a result of being hit by a car, but after closer examination, veterinarians treating the dog say the dog was shot in the face, with the bullet traveling through his jaw and shattering on of the canine's teeth.

The dog was found by the Litchfield Animal Control Officer, who brought Duke to the Herkimer County Humane Society.

"I got a call from a resident in Litchfield near Cedar Lake and they said they had a dog there bleeding profusely they thought it was hit with a car or shot," said Animal Control Officer Gordon Chafee.

Officials with the Humane Society say Duke is now being cared for weekly by a veterinarian.

"They had to use a muzzle to keep his jaw in line," said Joanne Johnson, Shelter Director at the Herkimer Humane Society. "The muzzle makes it difficult for him to eat. He has to stick to canned food watered down so he could lick it up.

Duke's prognosis is good, but vets say it will be a long road to full recovery.

Officials with the Humane Society ask that anyone with information on the incident in Litchfield to please contact the shelter at 315-866-3255 and speak with Joanne and Jodi.

Also, donations are being accepted by the Humane Society to cover Duke's accumulating medical bills.

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