2-3 zone combined with offense key to an Orange victory

ATLANTA (WKTV) - The Syracuse Orange are just hours away from playing in their first Final Four in a decade, taking on Michigan Saturday night.

The 2-3 Zone defense is what's been key to SU's success this tournament and will certainly be something they need to continue in Saturday's game against the Wolverines.

Syracuse's last opponent, Marquette, scored just 39 points.

Michael Carter-Williams said, "We just continue to work hard. We're trying to improve every day and that's what we've been doing all year, just trying to improve and hopefully this is our best defensive games and we hold Michigan to limited points."

Brandon Triche said, "Our experience is going to be huge in this game. We're a tough defensive team. If we can match their intensity, that will be an advantage."

Syracuse will be sure to do well if they can also up their offense. Head Coach Jim Boeheim said Friday, "We haven't got transition baskets really too much in this tournament off our defense. I think our offense has been pretty good. I think it probably needs to be better, but because I think Michigan is the best offensive team we played. You know, that's just my thought process. Doesn't necessarily have to work that way, but it could be. It could work that way."

The first semifinal game of the Final Four, Wichita St. vs. Louisville, is scheduled for 6:09 p.m on Saturday. Game time for the Syracuse - Michigan matchup is approximately 8:49 p.m., following the first game.

NEWSChannel 2's Mike Levin will be covering the Final Four action in Atlanta throughout the tournament weekend.

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