Top 6 at 6

By Sports WKTV

WKTV - Monday means the Top 6 at 6 best plays caught by our cameras from the past week.

Number Six: Hartwick vs. Utica College NFL QB prospect Jason Boltus pulls back, fires a perfect bomb to Noah Koreman... Hawks get the win Boltus went for over 300 yards and four scores.

Number Five: Hamilton vs. Chazy in the state final, Emerald Knights trying to come back as well, Nathan Steward puts it up and in from 35 yards out...more on the game in a minute.



Number Four: Oneida vs. Waverly, Ryan Kramer doing what he does best, scrambles and finds a wide open Brandon Miles for the score..Oneida is headed to the state final four.

Number three: Westmoreland vs. Elmira Notre Dame. Bulldogs trailing, Dan Smith to TJ Losowski great catch in the lousy weather. Westmo cant make the comeback, still Class C section three champs.

Number Two: Hamilton Boys vs. S.S. Seward in the state semis, Daniel Kraynak shot deflected by the goalie-- Dan Meeks heads it in for a goal! Knights advanced to the finals.

Number One: Hamilton and Chazy again, in overtime...Kraynak turns and shoots and scores! Hamilton wins a state title.

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