Valley gymnasts vault to big day


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Meghan Pflieger led a strong field from Valley Gymnastics at the 24th annual Leatherstocking Gymnastics meet Saturday at the Utica Auditorium.  The freshman from Holland Patent took first place in the Level 10 Junior All-Around competition, while the team took third in the Level 9/10 team competition.  Kaija Aploks finished second in the Level 9 Senior All-Around.

Earlier in the day, Valley Gymnastics took first place in the Level 7 team competition, with Joan Allaire taking first in the Junior All-Around and Nina Falerno finishing third in the Senior All-Around.  Valley also finished second in the Level 8 team competition, with Mairead Murray winning the Senior All-Around and Myriah Turner finishing third in the Junior All-Around.

On the meet's second day, Rebekah Hanson took second in the Level 5 Junior All-Around, Jenna Zakala took third and Valley also took third, in the team competition.  In Level 4, Taylor Bushey took second in the Junior All-Around.  Finally in Level 3, Marissa Burke won the top spot, with Christina Malinowski taking second and Kristen Bratge finishing third.

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