Hamilton College Men's Lacrosse preps for league play


CLINTON, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Hamilton College men's lacrosse team is playing it's best lacrosse since Scott Barnard took over as head coach. At 6-0, the Continentals are off to their best start since 2005.

 What makes the team so tough is that they winning in all manners, whether it be the close game or blowing teams away.
 "We are starting to turn the corner, we put a lot of work in during the offseason." says Sophomore Luke Sadoff. "We also have great heads on our shoulders and we stay together as a team. We mesh together and I think that all comes together to allow us to be so successful this year."

 6-0 is a  far cry from their 3-10 record from a year ago. So what's the difference. perhaps its team unity, something they will need in their liberty league opener against RPI, a team they have just two wins against all time. Scott Barnard knows just how important league play is for this team. "Going into the Liberty League we try to tell them, look anything can happen on any given day and we are 0-0 right now. Everything stems to happen through the league. Right now we are 0-0 and we are not looking past anybody. Lets climb the ladder one step at a time."

The RPI is set for Saturday at 1pm at Steuben Field.

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