Adirondack Ice Bowl still a go!

By Sports WKTV

INLET, NY (WKTV) – While the Mohawk Valley is getting one of its first blasts of real winter weather, it has been freezing up north all along. Freezing enough so that many of the lakes in the great Fulton Chain of Lakes have a solid surface. That means game on for the 4th Annual Adirondack Ice Bowl, January 26th through the 29th on Fourth Lake.

Despite the fact that most of our area has been above freezing since Thanksgiving and even the Adirondacks have not experienced the subzero temperatures that are common this time of year, First Lake has frozen over. Jim O’Brien, one of the organizers of the pond hockey tournament, says that the ice on the lake is seven inches deep. With two weeks to go before face off, barring good or rainy weather, all is a go for outdoor hockey.

The Adirondack Ice Bowl is a pond hockey tournament, played on Fourth Lake, with our to six man teams. It’s a co-ed tournament with different age group distinctions. The first round of play begins Friday morning, January 27th. Championship game is played Saturday night, January 28th, under the stars and outdoor lights.

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