CNY BMX opening this weekend


BRIDGEWATER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Over a decade ago, CNY BMX was formed to give riders of all ages a place in the Mohawk Valley to challenge themselves.  Nick Rauch has been the track director for three years and is hoping to get the word out as opening day approaches, this Saturday.

"There's three different levels, rookie, novice and expert racing, so a rider that starts with us will not only race kids his age, but also other rookies," says Rauch.

The riders range in age from some as young as three and other in their fifties.

"It's really intense, you go really fast, especially at some tracks they go downhill," says 16 year old rider Keagan Nelson, who is part of a family of riders, which include his sister Currie and their parents.  "It just feels good to be back another year," says Keagan.

"it's all about the fun and action that happens," adds eight year old rider Hunter Senko.  "I'm good keeping control of it, but if I hit a jump wrong I might just go kaboom."

A lot of people often mistake the sport of  BMX for Motocross, because it was developed by bicyclists who were trying to imitate MX stunts on their bikes.

"It's very scary for a lot of parents when they hear bmx they think the mx, motocross as opposed to bicycle motocross," says Rauch.  "We're really trying to push forward and let people know this is an olympic sport, something kids can enjoy."

In preparation for their opening weekend, the track will host three days of open houses this week, beginning Wednesday, in which they'll be teaching anyone interested in learning the sport, how to ride the bike safely.

"We get them off going real slow around the track, just so they get a feel of it, then we tell them all the pointers, keeping your pedals even when you go over the jumps," says Nelson.

"They can come down for those three days from 6-8 p.m. and they can come down on Saturday and race with us for free," says Rauch.

For more information on CNY BMX, check out their website at:

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