PITTSBURGH, P.A. (WKTV) - All types of fans have converged in Pittsburgh for the NCAA Tournament and on Thursday, the SU faithful had to deal with all the other fans rooting for UNC-Asheville to pull the upset. Four of those fan bases are now gone and the Cuse is one of the four left standing. "There's tons of people coming in to support the Cuse. It's great," said SU fan Steve Shangold. "I think it's only going to pick up as we get into Saturday's games. I think you'll see Orange everywhere in Pittsburgh." "It's fun being down here. It's great in a city where basketball's just as important as it is up there and it's a lot of fun," said SU Fan Cynthia Harding. While plenty of fans made the trip from Central New York, a few came from right in Pittsburgh. Though even these fans have been loyal to the orange all their lives. "They all tell you, once you're a Syracuse fan, you've got that Orange in your blood, so they passed it off to me when they gave birth to me," said SU fan Jamie Harding. "So I've got orange in my blood." For those local SU fans, they're excited to see not just their team, but all the basketball teams who are competing in the big dance. "I think it's good, especially for the city of Pittsburgh, to be able to host that," SU fan Hubert Felton said. "Hopefully in the future, we'll be able to have some more games here with this magnitude, this excitement. It's good for the city." While the SU haters were many at Thursday's game, the Cuse players zoned them out and instead focused on their people - Orange Nation. "You could actually hear them," said SU Junior Guard Brandon Triche. "Big arena like this, you can hear almost individually, people talking. The fans always come, no matter who you play. We fed off them a little bit." Most of the people we talked to expect more of the same Saturday, when the Orange meet Kansas State at 12:15, which is the other three fan bases ganging up to all root against the Cuse.