Restructuring of position forces Alvanos out as Athletic Coordinator of New Hartford

By WKTV Sports

NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - When fall sports hit the field for the New Hartford Spartans at the beginning of the new school year, they will most likely be under the direction of a new Athletic Coordinator (AC).
According to a job listing, and confirmed by New Hartford Softball and former Ice Hockey head coach, John Cunningham, Peter Alvanos is no longer the AC of New Hartford Central School District.
The job listing on the district's website indicates that the position has been opened with an application deadline of June 30th, and a potential starting date of September 1st.
However, according to union representatives Alvanos was not fired from the position, but a simple restructuring of the position caused Alvanos to be ineligible to remain as the AC.
According to the rep, New Hartford wants to make it an administrative position, and Alvanos does not have any certifications in the State of New York as an administrator meaning that he would not be able to hold the position once it makes the transition.
However, it has been confirmed that Alvanos will remain on the staff at New Hartford Central School district in his other position as a physical education instructor.

More information will be provided about the changes to the position as it becomes available. 

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