Rome preparing for Frenzy on the ice


ROME, N.Y. (WKTV) - Winter is on the way, but hockey season is already here and in Rome, a new professional team has fans in a frenzy as the Rome Frenzy prepare for their inaugural season in the new Federal Hockey League.

"We first made our announcement in January, it's been a long time coming, it's been great to hit the ice, great to see the guys get out there and continue to develop and jell," said owner and general manager Brian Hall.

"It's great to be a part of a new organization, because it helps with character in the locker room, everyone's on the same page, no one was here last year," said forward Anthony Monte.  "It helps as a team, which is only going to help us more on the ice."

The team is hoping to build a fan base quickly and get the word out that they're for real and that they play a great brand of hockey.

"I'll tell you it's been real exciting, I've had people drop off food at my house when I first moved here from Memphis, Tennessee, we had neighbors bring us food, we've been welcomed with open arms," said head coach Gary Gill.  "It's a great hockey town and we're looking forward to it here."

The Frenzy have a few local products as well, like Utica native Emerson Mish.  "They love their hockey, especially up here in Rome, with the Zoo Crew, hopefully we can get those guys out here," said Mish.  "With our style of play, it fits perfectly into an exciting atmosphere."

In the meantime, the players, like Maciej Michalik who's one of a handful of european players on the Frenzy, are getting used to their new surroundings and are hoping to make a big splash this year.

"We're all friends out here, the coaching staff did an excellent job picking and recruiting the guys out here from overseas, we're all playing for each other, we're all friends, we're all having a good time on and off the ice," said Michalik.

The Frenzy will open with two road games, the first this Friday at Thousand Islands, before coming back to John F. Kennedy Arena for the home opener Wednesday, November 3rd.

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