Top Six at 6: February 10, 2014

By Sports WKTV

#6 - New Hartford at RFA girls Friday night.  Tiana Pugh and Teresa Anken playing the give and go for the Black Knights.  Pugh sinks the three pointer. RFA went on to win 49-35.

#5 - Same night, Proctor at Whitesboro girls.  Illeigha Graham takes it all the way upcourt and through everyone!  Raiders won 44-35.

#4 - Whitesboro boys hosting New Hartford Tuesday.  TJ Borza with the hop and tough shot for the hoop.  Warriors came back from a big deficit to win 44-39.

#3 - That same night, the first of two from Proctor-RFA.  Tyrone Cowell of the Black Knights going around the world for the hoop.

#2 - The first of two dunks in the same week, by the same player. Tyvon Reed of the Raiders, off the no look pass by Trayshawn Harris. Proctor took this game 63-51.

#1 - Three days later, Raiders hosting Whitesboro and Reed does it again, the Jordan-like air on that slam! Even better, Proctor won 69-61 to clinch the TVL title.

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