Class of 2014 meets media on day before Induction


COOPERSTOWN,  N.Y. (WKTV) - Just hours before they are inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Class of 2014 met the media inside the Clark Sports Center.  Sunday's induction is scheduled to be outside the building, weather permitting.

Joe Torre, Tony La Russa, Frank Thomas, Bobby Cox, Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine all came to the Birthplace of Baseball months ago, to receive tours of the museum, but all admitted being there now was much different.

"Every step I've taken has been exciting," said Joe Torre, the former Yankee manager.  "It's a different feeling.  I never gave the HOF a lot of thought, because it was something I didn't have to vote on or think about, but you knew it was special, you knew it would be the top of the mountain.  You come in here and it's just an amazing feeling."

"I thought a 17 mile drive in California was the prettiest place you could drive through or walk through," added former Braves skipper Bobby Cox.  "I think this place has got it beat to be honest with you.  You can't stop talking about the beauty.  The Adirondacks, the lake, the hotel, the people.  It's the perfect place for the Hall of Fame.  It couldn't be better."

Frank Thomas was the first of the six inductees to visit Cooperstown after his election and has been back again before the big one this weekend.  "I was here three weeks ago and all this wasn't here, seeing the city people, doing a commercial piece had a good time, got to go through all the winding roads, it's a much bigger town than you think it is.  The people in the community are great, especially when the HOFers come around, they don't bother you, they're like welcome to Cooperstown, we're happy you're here..  I enjoy it, I really enjoy it."

Be sure to watch NEWSChannel 2 Weekend on Sunday, for full coverage of the Induction with Sports Director Mike Levin.

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