Commissioner Slive talks SEC Network


SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, a Utica native and graduate of old Utica Free Academy, came back home Saturday for a UFA football reunion at the Yahnundasis Golf Club.  In fact, Slive, a 2009 inductee of the Greater Utica Sports Hall of Fame, was one of the masterminds behind the event.

Among the topics of conversation between Slive and NEWSChannel 2 Sports Director Mike Levin was the upcoming SEC Network, a joint venture between the biggest college sports conference in the nation, and ESPN.

"It's going to give us a chance to tell our story, feature young men and women in a way you can't do when you're just televising games and give people a sense of who we are and just how fabulous these kids are who play in our league," Slive says.  "One of the things I truly believe in is that competing in athletics, whether it's high school or college, teaches and it's part of the educational growth of people."

The SEC Network launches August 14th on DISH Network and AT&T U-Verse.  For more information, check out the network's website.

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