Football athletes speak about proposed merger

By WKTV Sports

MOHAWK VALLEY, N.Y. (WKTV) - With the a vote on a proposed merger of three Mohawk Valley schools, some athletes are determined to make this season count.

If the merger were to go through with Herkimer, Ilion and Mohawk, those schools sports programs would of course become one. No more Magicians, Golden Bombers or Mohicans. Some current athletes at all those schools have told NEWSChannel 2 that if this truly is their last season, they want to go out with a bang.

"We basically took the attitude we have nothing to lose if we just work hard who knows what we can do." Says senior quarterback Carson Murphy from Mohawk.

Mike Dobek, a senior quarterback at Herkimer, says he wants to go out on a good note. "Its been in the back of my mind. I want to go out on a good note, if this is the last year for Herkimer football, I want to go out with a good name that we finished on a good season."

"We've been talking about this all summer and even back in the winter. We know its going to be our last year as a Bomber so we want to go out strong." Says Ilion senior quarterback Bryan Bennett.

The district wide vote is set for September 12th.

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